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Awesome footage of a chihuahua dressed as a biker on the back of his owner's motorbike. The video, filmed in Queensland, Australia, shows the super cool dog chilling in a box on the back of the vehic [...]
World's Smallest Dog 2012 - Milly The Chihuahua [...]
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Priceless Yorkie Puppy Worlds Smallest Tiniest Teacup Yorkie Puppy [...]
The world's smallest dog: Milly the Chihuahua awarded the Guinness World Record [...]
World's Cutest Dog Opening His Christmas Gift! Funny Teacup Pomeranian "Bentley" [...]
Teacup Yorkie vs Pomeranian, cuter than Boo The world's cutest pocket dog wearing a dog corset [...]
Priceless Yorkie Puppy Worlds Smallest Teacup Yorkies Puppies playing tug-a-war [...]
Compilation Funny Chihuahua P6 New 2016 -funny Dogs Subscribe Facebook .\r\rWorlds Cutest Pets is the funny channel about fail of dog,chihuahua,pug,cat,animal,aggregated from all the funny videos from [...]
World's Cutest Tiny Teacup White Pomeranian Puppy for sale. [...]