Talking Chihuahua says “I Love You”

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This is Chica, our talking Chihuahua. She started doing this a few years ago and now she seems to do it regularly.


Wilmary Nazario says:

Mine says Ana, chk my upload videos.

es13100 says:


NeonStorm9000 says:

I Luv Chiuauas I got mine frum a rescue shelter <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 she is soooo
kuti <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

4bibimimi says:

She’s beautiful. Chichis are very popular in Vegas, girls walk around with
them in big purses.

mojodog2012 says:

Cute dog :)

jjcoutureuk says:

This is sooo cute! I think i just felt my heart melt!

AnkoTakeuchiTakashi says:

very good

kandizoe says:

lol da dog sounds british

Sherry McNabb says:

So Cute :) I just love them!!!!! :)

Shmitty Worman says:

How many people here have a chihuahua named Chico?

Jill Garrett says:

awwwhhhhhhh that is aqdorible

missbubblewubbles says:

it really sound like she said it cute

D_Lambily says:

Omg awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

TheSexYeah says:

omg thats soooooooo effing adorable!

angryash07 says:

thats cute! my chihuahua says ‘yeah’ and ‘momma’ now i gotta try that one!

cjit26 says:

lol chica mean girl in spanish :p lol ur chihuaha is so adorable :]

Maria Burton says:


tsubakispirit1 says:

I told my dog dusty that I love him and he paw up like “bitch please”

Michelle Bond says:

When we try to make our dogs talk, I wonder if we are making them
suffer..:o( that look they give

Myky Vu says:

aaaww, my chihuahua is a boy and his name is Chico :) hehe

PinkPunkyKat says:


iamfabulous09 says:

so effin cute! how you get her to say that! I want my chihuahua to do the

DashietheTurtle Lopez says:

how did doggeh learn how 2 speak >.<

Megan Brandon says:

ahaha cuteeee(:

Rebecca Cloutier says:

dats soo freaking cute..

HaitianChica100 says:

awww,,, she is too cute

Ally ♥ says:

My chihuahuas name is Chico. Chia is a adorable name for a chihuahua! :3

mpappenfuss77 says:

How did u teach to do that

Lizabeth131 says:

That is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!

2712elenh says:

I love the way they move their tongue when trying to speak:)

Steve Silver says:

Nice! I wish my chihuahua said that. She just gives me kisses. :)

criz52 says:

aww dats cute but it almost made me cry cz my fucken bro let da door open n
he went outside n it been 4 month since he left

panthermvp10842 says:

thumbs if dogs r awesome!!!

Katie W says:

She is SO adorable! I want to kiss her little baby face!

BabyEclipS3 says:

i havea dog its name is chico

travvyaasgaard says:

love it!

mojodog2012 says:

She did really say it….

menudo forlife says:

One day I heard my dog say Mama I freaked out

jheballard says:

oh my god that is so cute. it actually sounded like she really said it!

Cepheaus Chee says:

i love you too :)

claba13 says:

Our chihuahua is named chica too.

pink5ugar says:

so damn cute!

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