Teacup chihuahua puppies for sale

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Tiny teacup chihuahuas playing in their bed. For more puppies available visit our website at www.chihuahuadreams.com We have puppies year round in all differ…


Sobida Fuentes says:

were could u get one

Kelsi says:

OMG They are so cute! I cant wait til I get a Chihuahua! :)

JustJAYEtelevision says:

we all can see who the trouble maker is ahahah the grey/black one is sooo

Chloe Jade Stead says:

L.O.V.E the odd one out !!!!!!

addirox1234 says:

omg i never saw a black and grey one!!! its so cute!!

Skylar Steele says:

Can I have one where would I go to get one

Joline Morgan says:

I am interested in a teacup chihuahua if anyone knows where I can find one
please let me know. I already have a toy chihuahua, her name is foxy. She
is very special to me.

PuppiesForSalexox says:

So cute!

kamara zeise says:

Omg how much are they I want one there so cute!!!

kitty224100 says:

My teacup chauiuiah is cuter

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