The Sims 3 Pets: Great Dane and Chihuahua puppies

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Louise Balfour says:


misslatinaa89 says:

no such thing ” chihuahua” account. :p

Pernell Babineaux says:

Alright, this has to be some kind of crime against nature!

nyda welsh says:

How do you make the thing say try for puppies???pleaseeee someone help

Pokemon Legends says:

is this the ps3 version I wanna have puppies can you have puppies on the
3ds version the one I have????

UndeadThought says:

the dane is mad it didnt take any of its traits

Oana N says:

Great Dane is the breed of Scooby-Doo.Tonight I will install The Sims 3
Pets and I will try to make Scooby.I hope I will have a lot of
Scooby-Snacks in game.:))

Markianna Tharpe says:

The human Watched them Woohoo lol

Spitfire Pegasus says:


Malissa Quinn says:

Lol she was laughing when the pup was howling

VDieK says:

i have a mix of border collie and chihuahua :D

davygeersie says:

how can you HAVE A CHIHUAHUA!??

sam kane says:

that dog looks horrible

Crazy Cupcake says:

poor house man

HipieGirl1786 says:

OMFG HOW IS THAT POSSILBE!! But I like sims 3 pets they are much more
realistic Love the greena dn blue dg too <3!

MeowXo The Blob says:

awww! the pups are soo adorable! <3

misslatinaa89 says:

very cute… awwww…

ella O'sullivan says:

@Chihuahua so cute!

Suzi Pentom says:


Trinity Pham says:

Lol I had a doberman mixed with a yorkie it loooked ADORING!

LinkFurr says:

I like the videos of you breeding diff types of dogs… MORE PLZ!

goldblaze93 says:

You gotta make sure the animals you try to breed are mates. If they aren’t,
help them build up their relationship. And in the Create A Sim part, you
can edit their relationships and make them mates.

roo11902 says:

e.o how can you breed small dogs with big ones in the game? I can’t

sammylovesyouxx says:

Awww, so cute! :)

guinea pigs rule says:

Once I breeded a bloodhound ( big dog) and a welsh corgi ( small dog) there
puppies were so cute :3

Dakota The Wolf says:

small house Big dog

marszeli21 says:


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