The world’s tiniest monkey gives birth to even tinier babies!

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Dublin Zoo’s pygmy marmosets, the world’s tiniest monkey, are now the proud parents of two even tinier babies. You can watch the whole story unfold on The Zoo.


J Wag says:

i actually thought we (the viewer) would of witnessed the birth of the
pygmy marmosets! Still, they’re cute but would of loved to have seen the
birth of these tiny babies! :) 

Ann Alejandro says:

Just what the world needs, more captive marmosets. When do you eat them, at
birth or when they have a little more flesh?

Yoganao says:

They all look like Gizmo from Gremlins.

bleh ber says:

Marmoset dads are awesome! They will take care of the young and give it
back to their female to nurse the babies.

Callisto Greenleaf says:

Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one 

Louise Hampton says:

Incredible ! pygmy marmoset is tiny enough but, can imagine how tiny the
babies R…..8O Jeezles peach

Deyanira D says:

I heard they’re vicious. Cute but definitely not innocent lol. 

mportklr says:

she said “size of my tom”. LOL

Razor Blade says:

I want one!!!!! XD there little gremlins x3

Manuel Macias says:

As small as her tum. Lol

Daniel Martinez says:

So cute

Zyvago Bergman says:

( :

Silverfoxxee says:

What a beautiful little family.

re lly says:

sooo cute

James Christopher says:

Hey, what did I tell you…no fantasizing in the kitchen!

crazytorilori18 says:

If I had the chance to I would probably take the mama and the baby monkey
home with me

Kevin Barnier says:

Awww I want to keep one!!!!!

cityking9ne says:

Yeah, they should also give custody to fathers and make the mothers pay
child support.

Connie Long says:


Ana Cristina Cabral says:

They’re cute, but I already got bitten by one, and it was surprisingly
painfull. I’ve got a purple spot for a week

absintheminded says:

They are too cute <3

Icebreakers86 says:

Aw! They look like little gremlins!! :)

jenniferthall says:

They are stunning!!


Looks like a gremlin lmao

Sarahmajig says:

They look like little aliens or gremlins. So cute. I love pygmy marmosets.

calipdis2 says:

I love nature¡¡¡¡

IBmxSunday says:

1:11 GREMLINS!!! staring at me!!

yachira rosario says:


imacdiva says:

They look like wookies.

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