Tiny Applehead Chihuahuas for Sale!

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Six gorgeous applehead chihuahua babies for sale. Born March 21, they are four weeks old! AKC Champion bloodlines, excellent pedigrees. Three boys, three gir…


talltree3 says:

@stockedmuscle Please DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you buy one of these things.
They are so very inbred, there are lots of physical problems with them. The
“apple head” is caused by encephalitis, or water on the brain, because the
head is malformed. Why would anyone want to encourage unhealthy dogs, much
less breed for them?! Please, do a google search using the keywords “sad
truth about teacup dogs”.

BloomersChihuahuas says:

@evanescence9314 I had 5 puppies from one mother and 1 from another, 6
puppies total. I was very surprised she had 5, she did great!

federica giorgio says:

ne voglio uno!!!!!!

faithfullylove says:

I have an applehead girl! We wanna breed her really bad! Do you have a boy

Henry Cabrera says:

how much do they cost asap please!!!

tobeyrowe says:

how much are they and were are you located and do you ship to Georgia

Raymond Castellano says:

I can ship to New York youtube search sam100texas

Pamela Nielson says:

how much i want a girl

Mally Whitley says:

God, I hate people like you that breed animals for money, like the puppies
are just merchandise. You just don’t fucking get it, do you? What a
disservice you’re doing to the breed and dogs as a whole?

Matthew Robinson says:

Why are they scratching their butts on the floor?

Jasmina Mezaks says:

How much:-)

huneypielov1223 says:

Oh My God you seriouse v.v some people breed bloody dogs to keep there
species going !! And others for money but Los not bad that people breed
dogs for money at least they sell better an go to proper homes unlike dog
centres !!

iAmSilverLightning says:

Ok. I need to seriously stop watching the chihuahuahs and baby piggies or
my brain will explode from the cuteness. I need to like, watch saw or
something to level everything out. TOO MUCH CUTEEEE!!!!

Mei-Xing Pen says:

Just makes me sad that there are so many dogs, many chihuahuas, put down in
shelters and in need of homes in the papers.

scarlett alvarado says:


bratzforeve55 says:

Apple…… Oh i forgot it was a doggi

Jenna Shields says:

How much

HannahIsAHipsterLol says:

The chubby yellow one, so cute!

hallyboo says:

I am getting one in about 4 weeks! :D

dacheleee says:

I cant see so well how much chihuahuas

karissa williams says:

how much cause i want the brown and white and my friend wants the black and
white text me back

martha crowder says:

lol the gray and white look sooooo cute

BloomersChihuahuas says:

@stockedmuscle Yes I can ship to New York. :)

RonnieMarie08 says:

oh my what cute puppies!!!! i just exploded with happiness. :)

45xenosaga says:

My dog had 3 puppies today but one didnt make got me sad but im happy the
other 2 are fine

haloreach263 says:

You can see a dog rubing his butt XD

donna gaglio says:

There trying to hump each other

Briana Evans says:

how much is it

bigmoth14 says:



@talltree3 i don’t care how they are bred, i just want one.

Motorchicks99 says:

Are there still any left I know it’s late but just wondering because I was
thinking of getting a Chihuahua.

MrsCupcakeStar06 says:

@BloomersChihuahuas CAN U SHIP ONE TO CALI

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