Toy Poodle Giving Birth

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Today my little dog Bella became a mother for the 1st time, and I wanted to share it with everyone. My Mom and Dad breed and show poodles. So don’t leave rud…


ScruffyLilPuppy says:

Wait her names BELLA? My toy poodle is named Bella too!

jesseytoh toh says:

Good mama.
She did it all by herself .

janzelle123 says:

awww how cute looks like my toy poodle fluffy :3

Donna Jordan says:

Obvious to me, you love your Poodle. Of all the videos that I have viewed
this evening, your video is the cleanest, humane, and nurturing one of all.
I would love to know what you use as a birthing box. It looked soft and

Junika Gozal says:

She is doing really great
. Can I ask something? every time giving birth how many puppy that the toy
poodle will have? Im sorry if my english not really good

Chris O'Connell says:

I’ve never witnessed something like this before and I have a question. Was
the second pup ok? Or is it lying that still normal?

Gwen Marko says:

Does that dog really have it’s nails painted

ana laura says:


villarreal661 says:

awe. did she barf her placenta out later.

Jannetf88 says:

Awwww she reminds me of my poodle, I cant wait for her to get preg :)

charlottegee13 says:

will do but just thought i’d ask someone who knew about it

Heath Nicks says:

@kasrkinmullet No all the pups survived…My Grandmother is a vet and she
gave the mother a little something for pain, so the pups were feeling the
effects of that medication. They were a little sluggish

Heath Nicks says:

Bella’s AKC’s name is Sara Belladonna……

Yareli Felix says:

My mom got a toy poodle as a gift about 6 years ago and we named her daisy
but sadly after a year with daisy we could no longer keep her because we
lived in an apartment so we gave daisy to my moms good friend who was a
expierenced poodle owner . My mom and i visited daisy sometimes. Recently a
few months ago we heard Daisy gave birth to about 6 puppies . Our good
friend gave us one of daisies babies . We are in love with poodles .

Dominique Logan says:

Omg She Looks Exactly Like My Toy Poodle Except Mine Is A Boy.

Jason Ragasa says:

Are you selling any toy poodle?

KyuukaKoinu says:

….what? seriously? Poodles can come in different colors besides white.
P.S it is “they’re” not “their”.

Ron Ho says:

aww so cute, it is cute then my maltese :D

jacqui forbes says:

do you have problems with tear stains becouse my toy poodle is white and
has bad ones do you have anything you could sugest? (: thanks

Natalie Nelson says:

My poodle is almost 30 days into her pregnancy and I’m so nervous about her
having puppies! I hope she is able to do everything on her own.

jerkalot12 says:

she look retarded ! hah hah hah slow dog

bSlappyhappyful says:

I wonder dogs have contractions

charlottegee13 says:

Thank-you so much! i’ve heard they are loveable! and very well behaved…

TheMinecrafters9 says:

I have a toy poodle but it does not have big ears I love my poodle

TheClarabell73 says:

I just googled AKC to find it was American Kennel Club. I had a little
chuckle as I actually live in Scotland!!! I will use the Kennel Club in the
UK though so thanks for your tip.

chan yonglin says:

Does the mom have skin condition??

MyRanger20 says:

wow do humans have the same membrane??/ and also why is this dog (black
one) trying to attack him mom he is growling

Boughty86 says:

why don’t u just google it?

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