Wee Willy Miniature Chihuahua

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Visited some friends and they have a new dog. The cutest little miniature chuhuahua, 4 months old.


Rednecks Gone Wild says:

Locero~Taco Bell’

josderedneck22 says:

there is a really simple solution for that iff the vids ceep stoping. klick on the end off the timebar under the video. let it run for 2 seconds and then klick at the beginning again and the vid will run smoothley ! sweet !

CullenGirl1997Xo says:

Aucatlly , Minatures are real , teacups are not.

NellieIee says:

he’s so cute ^.^

flygrl69 says:

there is NO SUCH THING AS A MINITURE CHIHUAHUA!!! There is long haired and short haired. NO SUCH THING AS A teacup, miniture or anything like that and if a breeder tells you that there is walk the other way, because it is just a gimik. Also the smaller the chihuahua is, the more health issues it may have.

jessica soto says:

he is so cute i like to have one

savvy1954 says:

how old is your chihuahua?

Calvin Robinson says:

Hi Rickem, hey man I am glad to see you and your friends are dog lovers. I have had dogs all my life and their the best friends one could ever have, love your vids man keep up the good work.

murmaider2 says:

i hate chihuahuas…little ugly annoying things…my german sheppard had toys bigger then that as a pup

PLAYER69LK says:

randoim guy was like i took bigger shits than that LMAO

BaltimoreAndOhioRR says:

Rick, do you use a Sony hard drive camera? I caught a glimpse in another video – I couldn’t tell, but whatever it is, it does a good job.

elfishgrin says:

lol, crawling speed !!!!!!!

DaveSlaz says:

the best thing for that rat is to go between two slices of bread !!!!

delmontcrusier says:

that little guy could fit in a coffee can

hotrod1345 says:

He’s fast for his size…

Brandon m says:

i like his laugh

elfishgrin says:

your cats just a fat shit, plus it would have to try and catch that little ball of energy

hotrod1345 says:

my cat marley would eat that little shit for breakfest. of course my cat is 35 pounds…

Tony Thatcher says:

how cute

Patrick Fortin says:

did he drink that coffe … lol

onlypresto says:

aww, like my chi when i got her, she was so freindly seven years ago, now she’s even freindlier, and i love her like my own child, and that dog listens to me to, she knows how to push open the screen door, she rides with her head hangin out the window of my truck, on my harleys gas tank, and she is trained as a pointer for when i go hunting, and does a damn good job, i’m a 6’7″ redneck and only got her as a present for my mom but she became my dog, and she is the best one i’ve had in my 20 years

oneoleqt says:

looks like the taco bell dog , so cute

Nudelsalatbomber says:

fiesti little puppy! so cute!

The85GTMustang says:

rick went to timmys!
saw ur mail vid lol

Gigi & Rocky says:

I would love to have a dog like Wee Willy:-) He’s sooo cute:-)

supersniperkilla says:

That dog is stylin! lol…that dog is smaller than my cat!


look at my video where a dog tries to commit suicide

Eric Berstler says:

thats the kind of dog u can smuggle away in a bag lol

Eric Berstler says:

ew the dog tried to make out with yu lol

hondacr60r says:

the dogs super tiny crazy ! pocket dog lol

RidinDirrtyballin says:

there is no such thing as a miniature or deer chihuahua’s -__-


so cute just dont step on em

Tboninator says:


And apparently you didn’t pick up on the fact that I was talking about Siberian Huskies, even though I mentioned them like 8 times, and those are the dogs the person whom I replied to was talking about, and then you’re going on about a different breed. Jesus Christ, you are a loopy one, aren’t you? I bet your mom still breast feeds you.

garrett6699 says:

LMFAO. I was talking about Alaskan Huskies you moron. Remember like i said you flipped out at me first. I tried to be nice. Obviously your bothered enough to keep wasting your time getting back to me. Have a nice life being an asshole. :)

Tboninator says:


Are you fucking serious right now? *I* should stop bothering *YOU* yet YOU are the one who responded to ME to tell me that I’m wrong? Your friend got ripped off. From what I’ve seen personally, along with the information I’ve gotten from both the internet AND breeders is that 800 is the average cost of a pure bred Siberian Husky, so how about *YOU* stop bothering *ME*. If you wouldn’t have responded to me (first contact between you and I), you wouldn’t have made such a fool of yourself.

garrett6699 says:

you are right.. Tboninator is way off

garrett6699 says:

Really guy stop bothering me about your stupid dog prices. I told you my friend bought 2 they were 1500 each pure breed. I could care less about your sources. I can go to a few pet stores right down the street and prove you wrong but i dont care. I am not mentally unstable. I even said that” i was trying to be nice” but you had to be a complete jerk and make a fool out of the both of us. I’m deleting me comments now. Don’t bother me anymore!

Tboninator says:

What has proven me right? Well, aside from personal experience and contact with dog breeders, having looked around the internet, it seems most agree that about 800 bucks is the going price for a pure bred Siberian Husky… Sorry, but you win some, you lose some. Gotta’ keep on truckin’, but with your unstable mental state, and your loose grip on reality, you might find it kind of hard.

I’ll reiterate, Siberian Huskies typically go for 7-800, not 2500 as said the comment I responded to. ;)

Tboninator says:

My use of sarcasm and logic != losing my cool. As a matter of fact, if you read through your comments, you will see many things. 1) You never stated any price. 2) You used a less credible source rather than a legit one which you happened to use in defense. Somehow your friend with 2 huskies is a better source than your aunt who has been breeding them for 6 years. 3) I haven’t lost my cool, I’ve simply emphasized my points and crushed your argument completely with facts and logic.

Ryan C says:

“You dont need caffeine!” lol

naterade21 says:

my neighbor has 2 deer chihuahuas

Loriraeb2 says:

Wee Willy is Adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Tboninator says:

Who said 2500? The guy I originally responded to, faggot. Who said 1500 bucks? Oh, NO ONE- not even you, you reject, so shut your bitch as up, and carry on. You’re wrong. My personal experience proves otherwise, as does a quick Google search, and any respectable breeder.

Cut your losses and just stop- it’s best for your own credibility.

Xénos Polemistí̱s says:

Dave has Cattage, Rickem has Puppage? xD

Pug in a coffee mug. Small dogs are cute. ftw!

welderboy14 says:

its a rat with hair

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