World’s Fattest Woman Has Sex 7 Times a Day

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The world’s fattest woman has more sex than you. But don’t worry, she’s having more sex than most people. Pauline Potter, who held the Guinness World Record for fattest female on the planet,…


Andrew B says:

Can you imagine the smell of that vagina/butthole combo? Great Job!

Bizz says:

“…But since I’ve been doing exercises and trying to eat a bit healthier
I’m probably under 700 now.”
from 2:42 to 3:02
*Sees her drinking slurpee, chocolate doughnuts, and a burger with fried
chicken and other soft drinks and etc.*

Yeah because that’s totally eating healthy. Have you considered
self-control into your diet? I heard it’s a very effective way to lose

Alex xeon says:

I almost threw up, god she’s just so disgusting.

afterlife101spirit says:

Jabba the slut. 

Ted Kaczynski says:

I would love to shove a holy pipebomb up your cunt 

Pepper CmG says:

Who pays for these people to eat and live?

jeffery gibson says:

it was tough, but i managed to bust a nut to this video

TrackpadProductions says:

Everyone in this comment section is fucking insane or fucking retarded.

But then again, who else searches for a video like this?

missmya3972 says:

I don’t understand how people can afford this habit/lifestyle. I am a nurse
manager and work 40+ hours.. my husband works full time.. we have 3 kids
and try to purchase healthy foods. Food is expensive!! I have a huge garden
every summer even to help with the costs. I cannot comprehend this at all.
Maybe its because I absolutely refuse to purchase fast food. But even with
cheap food, their costs have to be outrageous. 

KnightoftheLord1 says:

I’d fuck it.

Edgar Vb says:

I call bullshit on the indiscreet comments this poor woman made to the
press. Logistically, the sort of sexual relations we regular sized people
have are completely impossible for these folks. See that huge, draping
panniculus that hangs from her abdomen? That weighs so much that it cannot
be lifted for anyone to access her sexual parts. They’re completely
obscured by that volume of fat. I know this because physicians cannot do
gynecological exams on these patients for the same reason. When the
intertrigo and candida infections that affect these patients’ deep skin
folds have to be treated, they must be taken to special procedure rooms
with an elaborate system of trapezes, pulleys and slings that can safely
hold the panniculus up. Sometimes during that, if we’re lucky, we can also
get a Pap smear. This couple may be having a form of sex, but it’s
definitely not intercourse. That’s quite literally not possible for people
with this severity of obesity.

Cindy Parks says:

Omg she’s so ugly, no worries though, she will be dead soon and then people
won’t have to bear her ugliness :) 

José Moreno says:

4 Words EW What The Holy Fuck who In the Hell Would Have Sex With That
monster Babe There Is Something Called Sex And There Is Something Called
Torture I Think Having Sex With Is Torture

PCoderch says:

I am sure if you released this ball of lard in the ocean, that an Orca
whale would try to hump
her rather than eat her. Or maybe she could perform acts for Sea World in
exchange for fish. Hey, at least it would relieve her husband of some of
her food tab.

shaun blyth says:

I can only assume that monster of pussy simply devours men whole.

mac777daddy says:

What type of dude could fuck this hog???

NukeXlegend835 says:

I worked out after watching this! 

Brooklyn Joe says:

Thank you for the NIGHTMARES I will be having tonight!

OG says:

where is drake when you need him.

Aidan Keogh says:

The endless abyss.
I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Brian A says:

Always amazes me how much punishment the human body can take, and still

Tyra Carroll says:

She is still alive? 

Pastor Adam Lanza says:

i wish to throw knives at it, but it wont feel a thing

Judhvir Soomal says:

Feed this fat bitch to africa it would feed the villagers for an entire
year i used to weigh 200 pou ds of fucking fat i started lifting heavy ass
weigts now my body fat is 11 percent and i weigh 198 of fucking muscle
fight me bro im 16 FAT BITCH GET A TREADMILL

Joseph Walker says:

That fat piece of shit Pauline Potter was given every opportunity to help
her but her undeserving ass cried and lied non stop. Tax payers have to
foot the bill for worthless people like this. Its truley saddening knowing
there are people like this and worse(but not much worse). Feeling sorry for
her at first sight then I found myself cursing her and feeling no sympathy
for her fake ass attempt to pretend she wants to be better. SMH.

Lara Ngo says:

I searched for the series 1000 ways to die and this thing randomly came up.
Not to be mean but that’s just too much. I don’t judge people by their
weight but how is this even possible? She can’t even walk by herself.

ir10031981 says:

and here we thin women and men aren’t having sex, we should be ashamed.

alfonso quintero says:

My goodness. I feel no sorrow for these sick individuals who are literally
a waste of space. This is beyond disgusting.

Lana Mamba says:

I was watching a roi wasabi video and then i saw this pop up XD

Walternumnuts says:

So hard right now. I could fuck a hole in my couch.

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