ZooZappers – Geboorte nijlpaard – hippo gives birth

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hippopotamus – Hippopotamus amphibius – hippo – seekoei – flodhest – L’hippopotame amphibie – Flusspferd – Nilpferd – Großflusspferd – hipopótamo común – L’i…


Kostas Korias says:

Poor mama hippo

twstdlkefillys says:

Circle of life baby only a mama can do such

Justice Minaj says:

Soooooooo……. Roc Really Sits Here And Watches Shxt like This . I Cant
Even Watch 3 Seconds of it !

kalisha burgos says:

this is what roc roal do 

Bjarki Hrafnsson says:

what the fuck is up with the fucking music

naya Okafor says:

Really roc royal

Felicia Crowley says:

Mother so happy

iTorsvik says:

euuh blood everywhere?

Xay Haynes says:

This is a shot out to Roc

Xay Haynes says:

I mean stop

Xay Haynes says:

Please dip watching these videos EWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

heyjohalle says:

Omg soooo cute!!

Princess〈3 says:

OMG why Roc ??

Elisa Green says:

Lo of blood and she was crying

Nicole August says:

Rocc…wth? Loll

Nai'Lah Ramirez says:


Fran Demo says:

roc what the hell

Omar al-failakawi says:

I want a HIPPO!

Khaila Miller says:


Kenisha Taylor says:

Im cryin cuz of how eww roc hiw can you I cant

bshaw00 says:

Roc Royal REALLY

Kiki_LovesRocRoyal says:

Roc WTF Do You Watch.

Pikachulova666 says:

Soo much blood

bubbly14369 says:

How tf can Roc watch this???

barneyfzr600 says:

It was so beautiful and I think I’m going to cry♡

Kayla Sutherland says:

I was perfectly fine until all that blood came rushing out. The fact that
Roc can sit through this is disturbing

Nikki Starr says:

it didn’t bother me I think it was beautiful

Corrine Bennett says:


Asia Williams says:

Wtf Do Roc Be Watchin!

Kheanna Brown says:

Oh my gosh , this is hilarious ! Hahah

nicolelehman31 says:

Danggg thats a lot of blood that hippo on her period XD

avnatalia72 says:

k lindo

Zoraa Victor says:

ewwwww and awwwwww cute

Chidimma Otti says:

Its so cute

Tronicle piez says:

He’s like uhhhhh ok where the fuck am I?

Fran Demo says:

lml roc

tianakey akailuvmb says:

Like if roc royal brought you here

luisa ponvert says:

luisarose awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Kevin Daley says:

poo the kick

Lilly Gonzalez says:

Wtf roc……and I thought I was crazy

shiboof says:

Wonder if they are always born breech.

Cole Headlee says:


zackpayne37 says:

How can Roc royal watch this eww

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